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>> TIPS ARE APPRECIATED. If you pay by card and would like to tipping please adding a tip before you submit the order. We aren't allowed adding a tip after the card has been charged because there is no tipping feature on the system or you can tipping by cash that would be greatly appreciated.
>> GIVE CARD can't be redeem in online order through website. If you would like to place an order and using the gift card please call to place an order at 781-598-0522 or 781-598-0525.   
>> DELIVERY AREA: Deliveries are typically take about an hour to arrive on your doorstep. We are deliver within 3 miles including Lynn, Swampscott and Nahant. Delivery fees are vary slightly depending on the location; 0-2 miles $2, 2-2.5 miles $3, 2.5-3 miles and Nahant Area $4.      
>> UTENSILS: After 6 PM, we won't include any utensils with your order please make a request upon placing the order if you would like to get some.